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Dr. Johnson is skilled at translating his scholarly expertise into actionable recommendations and strategy for improving campus and organizational, policy and practice. He frequently speaks and consults with groups on issues related to equity-minded decision-making; holistic student success; culturally-relevant curriculum and pedagogy; college student sense of belonging; and race-conscious educational practices, to name a few. He is available for invited workshops, panels, and keynotes, among other consulting activities (e.g., commissioned research/reports, strategic planning, external reviews). 

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Dr. Barbara Altmann

President, Franklin & Marshall College

“Dr. Royel Johnson has done great work at Franklin & Marshall College, including workshops on inclusion in pedagogy and syllabi, and on "equity mindedness" as an approach to College operations. Johnson brings research-based expertise along with considerable experience, and fluidly adapts his delivery and materials to match the needs and objectives of different campus constituencies. After the success of his sessions with faculty, professional staff, and senior administrators, we invited him to present to our Board of Trustees."

Equity-Minded Leadership for Institutional Transformation

Centering Equity in College Advancement Decision-Making

Equity-Minded Leadership for Student Success

Creating Conditions that Enable Student Success: The Role of Student Affairs Professionals

Increasing College Student Success by Fostering Sense of Belonging: The Role of Classroom Curriculum and Pedagogy

Race-Conscious Student Success Practices in Higher Education

Obtaining Buy-In for Diversity and Equity Plans 


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Franklin and Marshall College 

Parkside Community College 

iBeleve Foundation

Franklin County Children Services

Xavier University of Louisiana 

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education 

Pennsylvania State University College of Engineering 

Pennsylvania State Academic Leadership Academy

University of Michigan 

Loyola University Chicago

Cleveland State University 

Cisco Meraki

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